Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hudson’s Birth Story ..Part 2

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Within about 5 minutes of starting the petocin I noticed my contractions started to get 5 times worse. From talking to people and the research I did while pregnant I knew that it changes the intensity of the contractions but I still wasn’t prepared for the pain to come. The nurse had warned me that if I even thought I wanted to epidural any time soon to tell her right away since they had to give me fluid first and that would take about 30 minutes. I ended up giving her the go ahead way sooner than I wanted to but the pain was already bad and I the idea of waiting past 30 minutes wasn’t too appealing. They went ahead and started the fluid as well as the penicillin (since I was strep B positive). The whole day before my water broke I had thrown up several times and once we got to the hospital I was a little worried because I really didn’t want to have to deal with getting sick and having contractions. I only threw up once at the hospital and just felt sick to my stomach after that.

Also, as I had mentioned before, I was having mostly back labor and once the intensity of the contractions started to get worse I really was only feeling it mostly in my lower back (which felt like it was being ripped apart). The nurse said it was probably due to Hudson’s position and she suggested that I try and stand up and sway my hips to get him to move and help my pain management.

DSC_0408 I was not having fun!


Nothing really seemed to help but it did feel better to stand. The hubs was great and tried to push on my hips at different pressure points during the contractions. I had originally said that I didn’t want any other type of pain medication except the epidural (since it tends to make me sick) but once they told me that due another girl needing an epidural before me (she came in at 7cm) mine was going to be delayed, I asked for anything to help. Whatever pain meds they gave me did seem to take the edge off but they also made me very dizzy. I would try to sit down between contractions but since they were coming like every minute I didn’t really have much of a break. It was funny because as bad as the pain was and as much as I thought I couldn’t make it one more minute, the time seem to pass fairly quickly.

I ended up having to wait an extra 2 hours to get the epidural but once they came it to do the procedure I was beyond happy. It didn’t really hurt and I wasn’t even scared because I was in so much pain I didn’t really care. I can’t even explain how much better I felt once it started to kick in. I was able to move my legs some but I couldn’t feel anything.

DSC_0424 So much better :)

The nurse came to check my progress and while she was doing that she accidently broke the rest of my water (only part of it had broken before). At that point I was about 6 cm so she said she would come check me in about an hour. I think I napped some during that hour, texted friends and just relished the fact that I wasn’t in pain anymore :) When the nurse came back in to check me I was fully dilated. Apparently I progressed really fast after the rest of my water broke. She said that she would call my doctor to let him know and then be back for me to do some practice pushes.

I remember at that point being a little freaked that pretty soon Hudson would be in my arms. I was a little scared but there was no going back! She came back in and had me start pushing. After about 3 pushes she said she wanted me to stop and wait for the doctor because she didn’t want to end up delivering the baby. I had to sit there feeling a lot of pressure while they came in and set up my room for the delivery. I was in a birthing suite so I stayed in the same room the entire time. The doctor arrived and had me start pushing again. I pushed through about 2 contractions and Hudson’s heart rate started to drop which made them concerned that the cord was wrapped up somewhere around him. I pushed a couple more times and they could see him crowning. They said he had a lot of hair and I was convinced in my mind that it was dark hair.

Since his heart rate was still dropping the doctor informed me that he had to get him out quick and needed to do an episiotomy. I was not thrilled but I wanted what was best for Hudson. I pushed two more times and he was out. It was so amazing and unreal to see him for the first time and I was shocked by his full head of blond hair. I remember thinking “he doesn’t look anything like I thought he would”.




The took him to get cleaned up and I watched as the doctor stitched me up. Once I finally got to hold him and was so in love and in disbelief that he was actually here.

DSC_0466 In love :)

DSC_0499 Our family :)

DSC_0535 The hubs was supper excited to hold him too!

The rest of the stay went really well. Every nurse that we had was amazing and we were very well taken care of. We had to stay for 48 hours after the birth to monitor him and I started to go a little stir crazy but overall it was nice to be there that long because they were able to answer any questions that came up. Luckily Hudson caught onto breastfeeding pretty quickly. I was a little sore the first few days on one side but it wasn’t as bad as I had thought.

The first day home the Charles had a little bit of a hard time adjusting. He would run over to Hudson every time he would make a noise and we had to lock him out of our room the first night. After that though he has done really well and I know they will soon be best friends :)

DSC_0648 Charlie wasn’t sure what we had brought home

DSC_0697 His first ride home :)


I have recovered pretty well too. The stitches were the worst part and I think for about a week and a half every time I sat down I wanted to cry. It has gotten a lot better though and I think the stitches are pretty much gone as well as the bleeding.

I meant to type this earlier but we have been having too much fun! I can’t believe he is already 2 1/2 weeks old. Every day is totally different than the last and we are loving every minute of it (even the sleepless ones)!


  1. I can't believe he is 2 1/2 weeks old already!!

  2. Poor girl, your labor sounds just like mine. All back labor and intense contractions right on top of each other. But you did it! And look at that sweet baby you got as your reward!

  3. He is so cute, Ashley - I love his hair! I loved reading this, and it sounds like you are enjoying being a mama!

  4. Aww I loved hearing about the birth story girl. SO sorry for all of the pain you had to go through even though I know it's part of it! LOVE the Charles next to the sweet babe - just precious!