Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some Charles tidbits bullet point style

I realized the other day that I haven’t written anything about the Charles for a while. Now I know most of you are thinking I really haven’t written anything at all lately..well this is my attempt to change that :) Since there were several little things I thought to share I decided to put them all in one post and since I'm lazy they are going bullet point style.

So here I go:

- There is nothing quite like the loyalty of a dog. The hubs was out of town for three weeks and and for about the first week the Charles would sit by the garage door around the time the hubs usually got off work and wait for him. I had no way of letting him know that his dad wouldn’t be back for a while and it was so sad! Every time there was any noise from the garage the Charles would leap up and get so excited because he thought it was his dad. It broke my heart. Let’s just say he was very happy when the hubs got home!

- I have been taking the Charles for about a two mile walk every day. We started when it wasn’t that hot yet. It was a good way to get in more exercise and try and get the pup trained so that I could better handle him when Hudson is born. When the hubs was gone we went in the late afternoon so that the Charles would work out all of his energy and not be annoying at night. As it got hotter we switched up our route so that we would be around more grass and water. However he was still struggling. I thought he was just really hot. I finally realized that it was his paws that were burning. The poor pup. He doesn’t have protection like me so I never really thought of it. Now I make sure we go a lot earlier while the ground is still cool. *Side note: usually the Charles naps during the day and then as soon as the Hubs gets home he gets all this energy and wants to play. When the Hubs is gone I try and play ball with him but he will have nothing to do with it because i’m not his dad hence the walks.

- A lot of people have asked if the Charles has changed much as I have gotten bigger. Well I am not really sure if he has become more clingy but he is obsessed with Hudson’s room. The other day I couldn’t find him and looked all over the house only to finally look in the nursery and see him sleeping on the floor. It is so cute! We painted the room this last weekend and set up the furniture and at first the Charles was a little taken aback but then he got used to it and now would sleep in there all the time if we would let him. It is really cute and I know they will be best buds (eventually). I am a little worried about how he will react when we bring the little man home though. Charlie tends to throw up when there is any type of change and I am hoping he gets over that before the Huds gets here since I will already be surrounded by baby bodily fluids and I don’t need to add dog to the mix :)

Well that’s all for now :) I am sure I will have more Charles tales soon! I am also working on a post to feature some big projects we have done around the house lately and another one on our stroller decisions so stay tuned.

Happy Wednesday :)

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  1. I heard of alot of dogs doing that before the baby comes (being in there room) and it's probably a good thing for them to get adjusted to all the new surroundings before the baby gets there.