Thursday, July 14, 2011

House Projects Revealed – the Living Room

As I was sitting in the living room the other day I realized that we have done some bigger (well bigger for us) projects around the house lately and I have failed to share them with you all. I am breaking them into different posts as to not overwhelm you with pictures and words :) So let’s start with the first big change to the house…the living room. I am very lucky that the hubs is patient with me and the fact that I have to change the decor every time we more (and for an Air Force family that is a lot). I guess it’s what makes the moves fun and bearable for me. I also really love to decorate and I get tired of my decor quick so it all works out.

When we first got to Utah and moved into our house I went a little crazy with the redecorating passion. Blame it on the fact that I hadn’t had a house or our stuff for about 8 months, I just couldn’t help to go full steam a head. We had a sectional couch that we were a little concerned wouldn’t fit in our small living room but it ended up working out great.  I loved that couch and was glad it worked. I have to say (as you can see below) that the Charles really loved this couch too :) I don’t have a ton of pictures of our “first” living room..they were all on my old phone that broke so I lost them. Therefore I have tried to scrape up some not-so-good pictures to give you somewhat of an idea.

old couch Our couch on a normal day :)

couch This was during Christmas so the decor is more “christmasy” but usually I would switch out the pillow covers (from my decoration love Pottery Barn) and switch out the fabric in the frame to match the season and decor.

house pics 009 This is the couch in our old house before we moved from NJ but I thought it would give you an idea of what it looked like.

However, sometimes even things you love come to an end …and well that’s what happened to the couch. After being in storage for 8 months and moving across the country it ended up breaking. Sad day :( The good news is though that we got the couch at Costco (one of my favorite places) and the took it back no questions asked! We got a full refund and were planning on just getting the same one but they didn’t have any in stock so we started looking elsewhere.

We ended up going to RC Willey and although I really wanted another sectional I fell in love with a couch/love seat combo. Although it was a bit more pricy than the costco couch we went ahead and got them. We also had to get a new coffee table since we had an ottoman before that went with the old couch. But guess what, new couches mean new decorations right?! Of course :) So I started stocking Ross and TJ Maxx and all the other “budget” decor places (with my pottery barn inspiration pictures in my purse) and scoring some key pieces that made the whole room come together. I even talked the hubs into hanging curtains to make the room look taller and hanging mirrors to bring more light into the room. So without further ado…here is the new living room (and please forgive the not so great pictures taken on my phone).

new living room A view from the kitchen/dinning area.

New living room 2

new living room 3 It’s nice to have an actual coffee table and it has padded pullout’s that we can use as footstools. I put a Pottery Barn decorating book and a glass vase with flowers. I am also really into a bird theme I guess and scored this frame with a bird and butterfly picture from where else..Pottery Barn. I have also found that Hobby Lobby has the best flower stems and so I love changing out the two black vase things next to the TV.

new living room 6 I feel in love with the pedestal tables I found out Ross and are using for end tables. I founds some birds at Michaels arts and craft, the candle I found at Home Goods, the books I found around our house and we got the coasters at Kohls.

table This is another view of the table.

new living room 7 Here is the other end table with a PB frame and matching picture (goes with the one on the coffee table), little bird candles from PB and a odd shaped vase also from PB. We got the lamp at Ikea and we have it set on an automatic timer which I really  like.

Overall I am really enjoying our new living room (well semi-new since it has been like this for several months). I did feel kind of bad though because I know the Charles misses the old couch and being able to sit on the end and look out the window. If you don’t remember anything else from this post, remember that Costco is amazing to get furniture from because their return policy is unlike any other :)

Coming up next is our newish kitchen :)


  1. It looks so good you did a great job decorating-so cozy and inviting!

  2. Love your decor...I need to add accents around my house : )