Thursday, June 23, 2011

Week 21

Hudson belly week 21 10 hudson belly week 21 4

How far along? 21 Weeks

Baby's size? The size of a banana

Weight Gain? I have been out of town all week so I am not really sure but I think around 12 pounds.

Maternity clothes? I have been wearing maternity bottoms for a while but I am just starting to see the need for maternity shirts, or at least bigger shirts. I got some really cute loose tank tops at forever 21 the other day and although they aren’t maternity I think they will last me a while.

Stretch marks? none yet

Belly button in or out? still very in! It doesn’t seem to have changed too much.

Sleep? It’s been okay. I am having a hard time not being able to sleep on my back. I have also been having weird dreams but I haven’t had to get up as much to use the restroom in the middle of the night.

Foods I am loving? Still Watermelon and steak. My sweet tooth is back in full swing, but I am trying to control it. Since I have been in Cali and the 100+ heat this week I have been really craving anything ice cold!

Foods I am hating? None really right now.

Best moment this week? It was technically last week but getting to see the little guy at the anatomy ultrasound was amazing!

Movement? I think this week was the turning point. I have felt him every day and I have a feeling he is going to a very active little guy! He is quite strong as well. I am already feeling some sharper kicks.

Symptoms? I am still taking zofran so that has really helped with the nausea.  I tried to go off it last week but then started getting sick again. I also got my first legs cramps in the middle of the night last fun! My back has really started to ache as well. I have been getting out of breath really easy too.

Gender? A Boy :)

What I miss? I miss being able to do things without help. I can be a very independent and stubborn person about certain things and asking for help really kills me. However, it is becoming more apparent that I physically can’t do what I used to. I cleaned out Hudson’s closet last week and had to make several trips up and down 4 flights of stairs (from the room to the basement), I was dying the next day and felt like I had run a marathon. I am starting to notice the extra weight I am carrying when I run which is making my legs tire easily and therefore I am not able to go as long. I am still loving it but the effortless running that I used to do is long gone. I also really miss diet coke and coffee :)

What I'm looking forward to? Getting the nursery painted. We are planning on doing it sometime in the next two weeks and I can’t wait to start really putting the nursery together :)

Milestone: Feeling the first real kicks :)

Emotions: I am feeling pretty good. I look at Hudson’s pictures every day and almost burst with excitement to meet him! My body is changing a lot and although many days looking in the mirror or checking the scale is hard to accept, I try to look at the Hudster’s latest pictures and I feel better. I think for a while even though I knew I would change both physically and mentally through this I really didn’t believe it. Now that I am accepting that these changes are going to happen and are already happening it is helping me not freak out as much. And every time I feel him kick or move I am reminded that I wouldn’t change any of it :)


  1. I was able to stop taking my zofran almost altogether around 24 weeks. I still have good & bad days but I rarely take it anymore and I only vomit in the morning (you know, the gross yellow, before you've eaten anything puke) MAYBE once a week. I can't remember the last time I've thrown up actual food, so hopefully the end is coming for you too! My dr. said 24 weeks is a turning point and she was right for me!
    I miss being able to do things independently too! Oh well, totally worth it, right?! : )

  2. I think I was the same as Natalie...24 weeks was when I stopped the anti-nausea medicine. I still got sick feeling if I went too long without eating (more than 2 or 3 hours) and had a few off-days, but nothing like before!

    Aaaand I love the bump :)

  3. You are looking great! :) Isn't it SO fun to feel him all the time!?! :)

  4. How cool!! It's so neat how much has changed in your life in the last couple of months. I'm so happy for you.