Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Travel Mania

I feel like I have been on the road as much as I have been home this last month or so. At the beginning of March we left for Washington DC for a fun anniversary trip and family time..complete with spilling the news of the bambino (which the story is still to come). Then I was home for two days and headed to Bako via car to spend a week with my family and friends and let the magical neighborhood know in person of the new addition that will be here in November (that story is coming too). It was such a nice time and I enjoyed every minute of it but it is nice to be home.

However, after a week and a half at home I am heading out again. My folks have a timeshare in Southern Cali and before we even knew about the little bambino I had made plans to meet them in Carlsbad, CA to enjoy their vacation with them :) The hubs has to work so he can’t come…sadness.

Originally I was going to spend the whole week there with them but then I realized that the Salt Lake City 1/2 Marathon that the Hubs and I were signed up for was the last weekend of the trip so I have to come back a little early. Now before anyone freaks (by anyone I mean my caring and somewhat worrier family) I am not running the 1/2 as originally planned. The race administration was nice enough to let me switch it to the 5k which is good since I really haven’t felt like running that much lately. I can barely make it 2-3 miles (I was up to 8-10 before I found out). I have actually taken up my old love of workout dvd’s…the running is just really hard on me right now. I figure that I can run/walk the 3.1 miles so that the registration money doesn't go to waste. I also really hate sitting on the sidelines. I had the cutest shirt made that says “Little Marathoner in Training” and I promise I will post pictures once the race is done.

One of the many things newly preggo couples are told to think about is a babymoon. Now I will take any excuse to go on vacation so I jumped at mentioning that to the Hubs. My dad is the travel king and while I was in bako with them he helped me find a great deal on a trip to Maui. Even typing those words makes me giddy with excitement :) I have been to Oahu several times but never to Maui and the Hubs has never been to any part of Hawaii. We were planning on taking the trip in May (due to prices and the Hubs being gone the month of June) but when we worked out everything we ended up moving the trip to April. So the day after the SLC 1/2 Marathon the Hubs and I are boarding a plane to Maui for a week.

I am supper excited but also a little nervous because I will be at the very end of my first trimester so I am hoping the morning sickness will die down some. It has been steadily getting worse (from not throwing up, to throwing up once in the morning and now it is throwing up twice every morning). Luckily though it is mostly just in the morning so the rest of the day should be okay. I know I shouldn’t complain because it could be a lot worse than that and it is totally worth it!

I know I will have internet in Southern Cali but I don’t know about Maui so if I seem absent that is why. These last two months has been a crazy travel time but I will take anything to get out of this cold spring here in Utah..I am going crazy for some warm weather!!

What are your travel plans this summer?


  1. Oh my goodness, Maui! Hawaii is amazing - Derek and I went to Kauai on our honeymoon, which I'm told is alot like Maui. Enjoy your babymoon! Derek and I didn't end up going on our mini babymoon because Wyatt decided to show up early, so it's probably smart to go earlier in the pregnancy. :-)

  2. Oooh Hawaii!! Have a GREAT time!! You should take a summer trip to NJ...how about August? ;)

  3. Hawaii?!?! I'm a little bit jealous as I sit in rainy Washington where it's a balmy 43 degrees reading about you going to Hawaii. Haha! Feel bad for me yet? ;) Just kidding. I choose to live in this state, and I really do love it. Sounds like a wonderful place for a babymoon. I hope you have a blast! Can't wait to hear more about the reveal stories to your family!

    And I'm with Callie on doing the babymoon earlier...We did ours when I was 35 weeks, and it was not easy...you're so big at that point and getting uncomfortable that it's hard to enjoy yourself. Can't wait to hear about it when you get back :)

  4. You are quite the busy traveler! Soooo jealous of all your warm weather places! :-)

  5. Oh my goodness....how exciting...have fun!!

  6. I traveled pregnant. It wasn't always the most pleasant in the 1st trimester. My biggest savior? Ginger ale and candied giner. Don't worry about the sugar in the ginger ale. Because it will help balance your blood sugar and settle your tummy.

  7. From your FB page it looks like you had a wonderful time and hopefully your sickness wasn't too bad. I can't wait to hear all about it. I'll call or text soon! Miss you!