Tuesday, March 1, 2011

There was a Horse in Our House this Weekend..

You read right…a horse :) Well actually a great dane but they are pretty much the same ..right? And guess what? We enjoyed every minute of it :)

I was a little curious at how the Charles was going to take it..you know not being the big dog of the house but he did really well! One of the Hubs best friends spend Friday night and Saturday morning with us and he came complete with Dawson (his 5 year old Great Dane). Since the Hubs doesn’t get to hang out with his friend a lot I offered to puppy sit while they went out to dinner on Friday night. Since Dawson out-weighed me by a lot I was hoping this wouldn’t become an issue (especially since the Charles already pulls me everywhere).


Once the boys got to our house the introductions were made, the dogs were behaving and the big boys headed out. The cool thing about great danes is that they don’t do a lot. Basically they just lay down for the most part. Dawson brought his bed along with him so he slept on that most of the time. I had to take them out to go potty once but it was actually really easy because Dawson was so well behaved that he didn’t need a leash so I just had to handle the Charles. It was kind of funny though because right when the hubs and his friend left for dinner I guess the dogs had to determine who was now the man of the house and so they had a little tiff..but nothing too much.

dawson and charles

It was so great to get to spend time with friends and I just loved having another dog in the house!

By the way, I have to apologize for my absence. It seems like a lot has been going on (although I can’t recall what) and at night I just don’t have the mental energy to blog or even read blogs! We are heading out of town for 10 days on Friday so I am hoping that once we get back I will get back in the bloggy grove!


  1. Gooodness....that's a huge freakin dog.

  2. I have a combo of those two boys:) Marv is a lab/Great Dane mix. And honestly, you're right. He's super easy. Great Danes are actually known for being amazing apartment dogs b/c they are so chill. they're kind of big lugs! And thank God because they're huge!

  3. My hubs has always wanted a Great Dane. He's awfully cute.

  4. ha ha ha that is too funny - glad they liked one another! can't wait to meet Charles. :)

  5. Wow! He is a giant!!! It sounds like it was fun though!