Thursday, March 4, 2010

Up close and personal with the steering wheel

First i am happy to announce that Ursula is fully healed and looking better than ever with her new window. I was really impressed with how helpful USAA was. I called to report the incident and even though i didn’t file a claim (because it ended up costing lest than our deductable) they still have me file a report. After that was done the connected me to the glass company that they use and they came out the next day..TO MY HOUSE..and fixed it in the driveway..yay! I was so relieved to just have to make one phone call and have it all taken care of.

They fixed the window on tuesday so the next time I drove my baby was wednesday morning. I had to work but I needed to get my run in before work so I headed out at 5:30 am to complete my 7 miles, grab my new addiction (a peanut butter bagel from bagels and blenders.. so yummy), change in their bathroom and jet to work (sorry no shower but at least i had to wear a hat so it covered most of the grossness)! When i got in the car all blurry-eyed at the butt crack of dawn it took me a minute to realize why my car felt so weird. I finally realized that my driver seat was sitting straight up (like not reclined at all and making me feel like I am kissing my steering wheel…actually it’s the most action i’ve gotten for a while ..come back hubs)!

What was i saying..oh yeah. So once i realized the cause to the problem i went to recline my seat back some and it would work! I tried and tried and pushed and pulled and finally gave up. I didn’t know why it wasn’t working but I didn’t really have time to try and fix it. I drove to the bike path (all they way getting frisky with SW ..the thing formally know as the steering wheel) and prayed as i ran that it would magically be working when i got back to my car. I really didn’t want to deal with one more thing going wrong. Each time i got in the car that morning i would try and get it to recline and no luck, i was stuck driving with perfect, and i mean teacher with a ruler perfect posture. I was convinced that either some glass got caught somewhere and jammed it or the stupid punks who broke into my car did more damage than I thought.

Oh my way home from work, still stuck in perfect-posture-getting-frisky-with-SW position I called my dad to see if he could take a look at it when i got home. I really needed to get my oil changed but I couldn’t stand to have to drive in this predicament any longer! On my drive home I was trying to figure out how i could fix it and hoping that I wouldn’t have to shell anymore money..i was really freaking out! My wonderful father met me at the door when i got home and i took him out to the car to show him the problem seat.

In typical dad fashion he sat in the seat, pulled the lever, and pop the seat reclined! WTH??? How did he do that?! I mean i know my dad can work some magic but seriously! Apparently there are two to recline the seat and who knows what the other one is for except to make me have a total melt down! I did tell my dad that next time I would appreciate it if he would mess with it a little first before fixing it so i wouldn’t feel as dumb!

Don’t get me wrong..totally happy that nothing is broken but it was a little more than i could handle for that day! Note to self..learn more about the inner workings of Ursula!


  1. Well that whole ordeal seemed pretty painless! Glad it's over. Oh, I totally get you with the lever thing...I would do the same thing! It makes men feel smart! haha

  2. I love USAA, too! They are the best! Always always!

    And SW, woo woo! What a love affair! But glad it's over, for your posture's sake.

  3. I'm sure Sw is going to miss those special moments you shared in the morning! :)

  4. Glad it worked out Ashley! I know, sometimes cars are so weird - glad your dad was to the rescue again! :)

  5. i'm so glad you got your car fixed :) and so glad dad was able to come to the rescue!! lol...

  6. That happens to me with the hubs all the time. I'll be struggling with something. He'll take over and figure it out in an instant. AHhhhhhh

  7. I LOVE USAA. They have done nothing but help in every way possible. Been with them for 10 years now.

    I am notorious for things not working and the moment I show my father in law they work. No questions asked.

  8. What a sweet little blog you have. I found you through SITS and I'm a new follower.