Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Try’em Out Tuesday – Fab new Clif C Bar revealed

Sorry that I have MIA this last week. This has been one of the toughest weeks ever for me and I promise I will update you all in the next post but I am just not ready to write about it yet.

So as a way to distract myself from reality and since I have been slacking with my tuesday editions, I am busting one out for you all right now!

A few posts ago I bragged to you all about how I got to go check out a new running store in Valencia and then on to whole foods with one of my best friends (who i am now going to refer to as B.B.V. because all growing up i called her Bethany Butter V – i don’t want to reveal her last name in case she doesn't want it plastered all over my blog – love you friend)!

We are both the kind of people who can spend hours wandering around this amazing store (whole foods) and still not want to leave! It’s funny how organic packaged food can be so enticing! I have started to learn though that it is only after an hour wandering the aisles that you really discover the true gems of this grocery heaven.

So once we got there B.B.V. and I went our separate ways to scope out the products that struck our fancy! For some reason though, we always ended up meeting back near the produce and where they have all the meal/snack bars displayed. Now neither one of us is huge into meal/snack bars but we couldn’t help being mesmerized by all the different selections. And luckily B.B.V. has known me long enough to know that she would never get me out of there without first allowing me to read all the different ingredients on each bar that I picked up (and boy were there a lot).

However, this is also when i fell in love with my newest food obsession: The Clif C which contains fruit, nuts, and sea salt.


One reason that i don’t buy a lot of the Clif bars or other nutrition snack bars is because they tend to have more calories that I like to eat in a snack (though i probably should be eating that much but one step at a time). I found this bar though and thought “hey i like fruit and nuts and boy I wonder how the sea salt would enhance the flavors” and since it only has 130 calories I decided to give it a go. I purchased the raspberry kind to try because usually you can’t go wrong with raspberry. One bite into this fruitful magic and i was hooked. No Joke these bars are legit! They are chewy and fruity and nutty and then the little bit of salt hits you and you are like “wow what was that pop in my mouth – I don’t know but I like it”! And not only that but they are natural and good for you too!

Here is a little info for you all straight from the mouth of their website:

What is CLIF C?

CLIF C is a new, double layered fruit and nut bar made with all natural and organic ingredients that bring a delicious blend of flavors and textures to every bite. The nut crust on the bottom is a blend of almonds, macadamias and dates and each bar is topped with a second layer of fruit and then sprinkled with toasted almonds.
Is CLIF C Organic?

CLIF C bars are 70 percent organic and made with all natural fruits, nuts and sea salt.

What are the key nutritional benefits of CLIF C?

Clif C contains one serving of fruit in each bar. Each bar has 130 calories, 4.5 grams of fat and is a good source of fiber.
When should I eat CLIF C?

CLIF C is a great tasting snack for any time of day. Grab one for breakfast when you’re on your way out the door or toss one in your bag for an afternoon snack when you need a pick me up.

Why is Clif introducing CLIF C?

CLIF was determined to make a great tasting fruit and nut snack bar by blending a moist, chewy crust with the natural taste of baked fruit and crunchy roasted nuts.

To learn more about this wonder bar please visit http://www.clifbar.com/food/products_clif_c/

They have other flavors that the raspberry too and I am anxious to try them as well! The only problem is that so far whole foods is the only store where I can find them and that is about an hour and a half away (and believe me i have looked all over Bako with no luck)! Ahhhh! I'm seriously going through withdrawals!

So please if you are near a whole foods go buy one right now and check it out (and send me a couple of boxes too)! Or at least let me know what you think!

Have a wonderful and fruity, nutty, salty day!


  1. My L and I are planning a Trader Joe's trip (similar to Whole Foods) next week during Spring Break. I know they have lots of stuff like this...I'll definitely be trying them out if I find them! Thanks for the tip. And I hope everything is okay now.

  2. That sounds so yummy and not on my diet! Haha, I try not to eat sugars at all. It does look soo good too! Boo! I hope you're doing ok this week. :) XOXO,Allison

  3. Oh yum I'm always looking for new healthy snacks. I love Whole Foods! I hope whatever you're going through works out.

  4. Hope you're OK my friend! Praying for you!

  5. Hope you are feeling better sweetie, sorry about your hard week! That Cliff bar looks good and I have been wanting to try new bars. I will have to try this one!

  6. You and my sister would get along famously - she's a total whole foods kinda girl! If you haven't tried Trader Joes, you have to, though. It's like a cheap Whole Foods! There's probably one in DC area, when you're up there. :)

  7. Yummy! I will have to pick up some Cliff bars now! I hope everything is ok with you. I'll keep you in my prayers for strength to deal with whatever is going on. Hugs!