Sunday, January 31, 2010

Running with Strangers..

Growing up i’m sure your parents always told you not to talk to strangers, well at least mine did. So when does that warning cease to be so important? Well yesterday I disobeyed my parents…shhh don’t tell ;)

Here let me explain..

You see, Saturdays as I knew them have drastically changed. They used to be days of relaxation and laziness but now my life revolves around running and therefore Saturday’s = long run days (and I wouldn’t want it any other way)! In my last post I mentioned having a scare this week with my potassium levels and getting in enough food. Since I was still a little nervous for the long run b/c I didn’t want to push myself too hard before I was ready. I decided before I headed out that I was only going to do 10 or 12 miles (instead of the 16 I originally wanted to tackle). As i hit the pavement I was feeling pretty good and actually excited for the miles that lie ahead. On an side note, while i am training out here in Cali I have been running by myself (on a very safe bike path) and so although I try and distract myself I usually end up focusing on how much i have left (and gasp i run without an IPod)!

Anyways, I was doing pretty good as I approached the 5 mile decision point, I could either turn around here and do 10 or continue another mile and make it 12. I was tired but still keeping about a 7:50 min average pace so I decided to keep going. I hit the 6 mile turn around point and started to feel the fatigue setting in. It wasn’t too bad but the thought of the 6 miles left felt rather daunting. I ran another mile and then I caught up with this guy  that was running about the same pace as me and we kept passing each know the awkward time where neither of you is going to fast enough to really get away? So there I was freaking out inside because this was just so awkward and as hard as i tried I couldn’t seem to make myself go fast enough to leave this predicament.

That’s when i broke the cardinal rule that we learned as kids and started talking to this stranger :0

It fist started out as the typical “How far are you going?” “Are you training for anything or just running?” type of questions. By then I think we both just decided to run together. As we ran and chatted I kept thinking that I must being going really slow to be able to talk and not feel really tired..i would even get a little upset thinking that this guy was going to ruin my average..but then i would look at the best invention in the world (My Garmin forerunner 205) and see that i was still keeping about a 7:55- 8:10 min average pace. What the heck! how can this be?? But i really don’t feel like it is as hard as it normally is and i am doing better than i usually do at this point?! 

That’s when I was reminded of the amazing benefits of running with others. Man i am really boring all by myself i need to join a running group or something! When you are running with another person it causes you not to focus on running per se, and really find your rhythm. Oh and it made it go by so much faster!! As i approached the end of the 12 miles I was anxious to see what my time and average pace were…ready…I finished in 1:36 (1 hour and 36 minutes) and my average pace was a 8:02 min mile. yay!! and i felt really good afterwards (a lot better than i normally do after a long run)! Oh and don’t worry I didn’t push myself too hard (mom really i didn’t)!

People on the Bakersfield bike path beware..i might be striking up random conversations with you just for my running sanity!

Well that was pretty much the highlight of my weekend, oh and going shopping with one of my all time favorite best friends! Yes, there was defiantly wallet damage done and retailers cheering. I do feel a little guilty but all of Old Navy was 30% off (don’t worry I didn’t buy the whole store) and when you find the perfect pair of GAP jeans you just can’t pass them up! Oh well, if i have to eat more at least i can look cute doing it!

How was your weekend?


  1. I'm so impressed with your running. My running is PATHETIC. I'm working on it some.

  2. Girl you are so friggin speedy! Very jealous!

    Great job on the run and very smart to play it safe with the potassium levels. Glad you made a new running friend too... if only for the run. Get online and check out running groups near you! Seriously!

  3. That is so impressive! Good job!

  4. wow, I cant even imagine. I like running in place. I always get to were Im going! HA!

  5. I wonder if the Old Navy sale is still going on! I wish I'd gone in when I saw it this weekend!

  6. We did have a fun evening! Glad you had a friend to run with (I call it suffering thru, you actually enjoy it!) We would love for you and Josh to come up and visit! You are welcome anytime!

  7. Wow girl, and I mean WOW! I am so impressed by your minute mile, I hope to get there some day! Ha ha, right now I am still only at a 12 minute mile...I need to try to speed it up I think. Good for you for talking to the guy, it sounds like he really helped with your minute mile, keeping it consistent. That is great! So glad that you had fun with your girlfriends after, wish you were closer so we could go jogging together!

  8. When I'm out running, I always feel a sort of unspoken bond with other runners. You feel a sort of connection with people who are passionate about the same things. I'm very impressed with your times, too--they sound great!

  9. Hey, I have a Name that Photo contest going on. I do it every week. Come chekc it out! :)