Thursday, November 19, 2009

Silence is not always golden..

It seems that every night, whether we walk him or not, the Charles goes into a whiney mode and literally whines for like forever unless we get up and play with him! So annoying when you are trying to watch tv and just chill.

Last night we let him outside and then neither of us wanted to get up to let him in (usually he jumps on the door till we let him back in).

This is what happens when you ignore him long enough that he becomes silent..

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But who can stay mad at a cute dog like this..

blog pics 223

he’s saying he’s sorry!! The hubs was a champ though and took out the vacuum and get this turned it on and vacuumed up the mud the Charles tracked in! And yes, that did cause the Charles to go a little nuts :)

Oh and here for your viewing pleasure is the Charles watching a commercial with another dog in it…

Have a great day! Hopefully it works (the video)!


  1. oh my goodness! I would give that dog a BIG ole bone to keep him occupied! ahh!!! But you're right I couldn't stay mad for long!

  2. That video is sooo funny! He is a cutie!!!!

  3. I love the head tilt and the attentiveness! So cute!

  4. Oh my, we have a hole to China too! Let's visit, thanks dogs! :D

  5. that's callie's favorite commercial too!! just the other day, i put up the video of her on facebook :)

  6. That video was simply amazing! Ha ha, I really must get myself a dog. Hope you have a great weekend sweetie! XO! Oh I am need good relationship advice if you get a moment. Thanks!