Monday, November 16, 2009

A pain in my buttocks..

So now that my little fertility secret is out there I can share with you some of the unpleasenties that come along! First I have to say that I DO NOT do good with needles, seriously, I am a self proclaimed fainter and proud of it. So when the nurses first explained that not only would I have to have numerous shots, I would have to give them to myself, I was totally freaked out and ready to run!

I had to go to the dr’s office to be shown how to shoot myself up and then I was left to fend for myself..ayaya! The first night was totally the hardest as I sat on the edge of the couch for like 10 minutes with the needle in one hand and pinching my skin in another trying to get up enough guts to just go for it! Once the first shot was over I was like “oh that wasn’t so bad” and fortunately it just got easier each time (which is good since I was given like 5 million chances to practice)! I have also been getting my blood taken like every other day and the hubs is making fun on me saying i look like a junkie :)

The only thing slightly less freaky than personally inserting the needle into myself is the Hubs having to give me a shot! Yeah he wasn’t too thrilled about it either. You see there is one shot that has to go into the muscle of the buttocks (which I can’t reach) so the Hubs gets the fun job! And he did amazing! It defiantly was a little more uncomfortable than the other shots but not bad…till the next day!

Oh my word, who knew you use your Butt muscles so much! Yeah, yesterday I could barley walk. I didn’t even think about the fact that since it was going into the muscle it might be sore after, and what better place to be sore than on your butt that is involved in basically everything that you do! Oh and did I mention that it must have affected my sense of judgment because I proceeded to run 4 miles with the Hubs later and that about did me in! Luckily, I am starting to feel better today but I just feel like my body is so out of whack!

For all of you who have had to go through this or are still in the process I give you major props and prayers. It is not an easy thing, but not matter what it is worth it because even if we never get a baby out of this, it is bringing the Hubs and I more closer together and I know God will use it for His glory!

Oh and I promise next post will be less whiney! Have a great night :)


  1. Sorry about the shots. They do not sound pleasant at all. :(

  2. I'm sorry you're having to go through this! You have such a wonderful attitude about the whle thing though. :)

  3. Stay positive! You can handle this. Just think of what a pro you are going to be with wielding a needle!

  4. Seriously, I am TERRIFIED of needles. You are so brave (and are my new hero!) for doing this!

  5. Good luck girl! : )
    Your a brave gal, I dont know if I could 'shoot' myself.

  6. You are so brave, seriously. Good luck, hugs!!

  7. Hi there! I just found your blog through Jessica's and I've been enjoying reading it! It would not be fun to have to give yourself shots every day. Yuck.
    I'm a Christian as well, and I've been married for about a year. I'm going to keep tabs on your fertility treatments, because I'm thinking I may need to take a trip to a fertility doctor myself if my body doesn't straighten out. It's doing weird things. What kind of medication do you have to inject yourself with, if you don't mind my asking?
    Stop by my blog sometime if you want to! I like finding other Christian married ladies on here!

  8. Great outlook! It will all be worth it in the end whether you are looking into your baby's eyes or more clearly seeing the face of God.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!


  9. Wow lady, I give you props for even being able to deal with the needles. Glad the hubs can help you out with those. It's okay to be a bit winy on your blog, that's what we are here for, lol! By the way, thanks for your sweet response to my comment a few days ago. I would love to meet you too, perhaps in the future it will happen! XO!