Thursday, October 15, 2009

Breaking News: Fab scarf swap!

Hi all! Well i’m reporting right now directly from Las Vegas..whoo whoo! I am having a fabulous time but I had to step away from all the excitement to feature a very special person and event I recently took part in!

Recently the totally cute and oh so entertaining Katie over at Loves of Life  hosted a fall scarf swap. Now anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with scarves and the are basically an extension of any outfit I wear, no matter what the season is (thank goodness for the summer scarves that are so popular now)! I call them my security blanket because I love how they can hide my midsection.

One of the neat aspects of this swap besides getting a totally cute scarf, is the fact that I got to meet a really really awesome gal! If you haven’t checked out Shaina over at Post Smith..well you are totally missing out and you need to go now! She is one of the funniest and sweetest girls and we just clicked right away. One of the requirements for the swap was to describe what styles, colors, and patterns you are currently obsessed with (my words) this season and then Katie used that to match us up. And boy oh boy did she do a good job! When I received Shaina’s likes list I say there and thought…"wait is this the one that I wrote?”!

I had such a blast getting to know Shaina via email and experiencing those moments of “oh my gosh is this my twin separated at birth?!”

I have to admit that when Shaina sent the email that she had mailed my scarf with the promise that I would like it I waited by the door like a kid on Christmas morning! I almost screamed when I saw that brown envelope sitting outside my door and ran inside to rip it open as fast I as could! What awaited me was more than I had ever hoped or imagined..

Etsy Pics 015 Etsy Pics 016 Etsy Pics 017

um yeah I totally fell in love! Thank you thank you are seriously the best!! I had been eyeing this scarf a lot lately so I was ecstatic to now have it in my possession! Oh and she didn’t even know it, but I have a tremendous obsession with candy corn…like I seriously need help!

If you haven’t taken part in a scarf swap I totally recommend it..or any type of fun! and you get the extreme pleasure and opportunity to meet another totally amazing blogger!

P,S. to show how much Shaina and I think a like…when I went to pick out her scarf I bought the Pumpkin Pie candy corn featured in the pics to send to her but then my curiosity won out and I had to try them (see I have a problem)! Then I went back and bought the smores flavor to send but the hubby begged me to open them too! So finally I went back and got the toffee featured in the pics above too and sent them with her scarf! I was totally cracking up when I received my package and she had sent those with my scarf too!

Have a lovely wednesday and I promise to post more soon (the internet is scarce around here)!


  1. Oh, I love that scarf! So cute! And what is this about chocolate covered candy corn? That's brand new information to me!

  2. Cute! Shaina has excellent taste and an excellent muse to shop for!

    Now I need to try those candy corns!

  3. candy corn and an awesome scarf?!?!?! that IS like christmas! hehe! and uhmmm lady! i can't believe you're blogging from vegas! haha! ;P

  4. I have the scarf!! I love it! I am so glad you participated :) Thanks for being such a cute lady and for the kind words!

  5. This sounds so fun! I love it. :)

  6. Aww such kind words! I was at Old Navy today and almost bought that scarf for myself...but I managed to put it back. I don't know why or clearly took a lot of willpower!

  7. Oh what fun, candy corn and an adorable scarf, yay! Sounds like a blast! :P I can't wait to hear more about your trip...thanks for sharing your little goodies with us.

  8. We should do a little scarf swap for Christmas. What midsection, crazy girl!??