Monday, August 31, 2009

Procrastination and Honors..

I am now deeming myself the queen of procrastination of late! I don’t know what my problem is but I can’t seem to get all of the crazy wonderful blog posts out of my head and on to the computer..sorry folks! I am training for a 1/2 marathon (still can’t believe it) which is in three weeks and man if you could be in my head during those long runs…it’s where I do my best blogging :) They really need to invent some kind of device that you can wear and basically your thoughts are transferred onto your computer screen and then you just edit..or maybe not..that might be really scary! Anyways, I am really sorry for my lack of blogging lately and I promise to work on it :)

Now that I have that off my chest..

I have received two awards in the recent weeks and I want to apologize for not putting them up and passing them on sooner (and my lack of haste in no way means that I was not ecstatic and thrilled when I learned of the girls are truly the best)! 

First, one of my absolute favorite bloggers Brittany Ann passed along the totally rad Superior Scribbler Award!

superior scribbler award

I have to say I was truly surprised and honored that you felt I was worthy of this! Brittany is such a sweet and awesome totally need to check out her blog if you haven’t! Thank you so much dear friend :)

Now it is my turn to pass it along to 5 other superior scribblers that I love to read..

Future Mama @ Baby Makin(g) Machine

Kassie @ The Girly Gallivanter

Aubrey @ Made You Blush

Kym @ Bee Creative

Nicole @ My teacups in peony

You guys always make my day and I love reading your blogs!! (To these lovely lady winners, make sure you go here and add your name to the Mr. Linky list at the Scholastic-Scribe's blog so they can keep track of all who win this award!)

And for the second honor of the day..

The fabulous Aubrey passed on the Premium MEME Award!


Thank you so much friend! She is one to always make me laugh, smile and just feel good about the day (ps..check her out if you haven’t)!

For this award I have to list 7 personality traits and pass it along to 7 other bloggers that deserve recognition for their personalities that they so freely share with all of us..

So here goes my 7 personality traits..

- I love to spoil others and make them happy

- I live to bring glory to Jesus my heavenly father

- I can be selfish at times but I am daily working at being selfless

- when I eat too much sugar I can literally bounce off the walls and I could live off broccoli (yum)

- I am a homebody and love to relax with the hubs or read a good book

- I can be really shy and outgoing at the same time

- I still sometimes get totally overwhelmed with this fairly new military life

Now on to my 7 recipients…

Mallory @ Sunshine Girl

Brittany Ann @ Living in the Moment

Patty Ann @ Living life to the pinkest

Ashley @ A little Piece of Me



Jessica @ called to serve

You girls are the greatest!!

To all my blogger friends though..I love you guys and I want to pass both of these awards on to you too! Some days I don’t know how I would get through without all of you encouragement and support…and all days you make me smile! Every one of you brings something unique and wonderful to this blog world … thank you!!

Now for an announcement…

TRY’EM OUT TUESDAYS returns tomorrow!!! Tune in to see the next product review :)

Oh and if you have an suggestions please let me know!

Have a wonderful day :)


  1. aww you are too sweet! love coming to/reading your blog as well :) oh and im super excited for the return of "Try'Em Out Tuesdays"! your product trails are the best!!

  2. totally with you on the best blogging done during long runs. hahaha! i'd love to have a device where i can blog just by thinking it. but then again that could be a dangerous thing. hahaha !

  3. YAY!! Thank you thank you. I love reading your blog too!! :)

    And I totally agree with you. I "write" posts in my head while I'm walking.

  4. wow thanks a bunch! i promise i'll get around to it one day (its good to know i'm not the only procrastinator)

  5. Thanks friend! You are so sweet! You deserve tons of awards! Can't wait for Try'em Out Tuesday!

  6. Thanks so much sweetie for the award! I know you can totally train for the 1/2 Marathon, if it makes you feel better I have one coming up this Sunday and will be training all this week. I just ran 10 miles this past weekend. Just take one step (literally ha!) at a time and you will do great! Oh, and find some good tunes. That really helps me. Thanks so much for the prayers for my stressful day, feeling better now!

  7. Being a Procrastinator just means you are fun!!

  8. Congrats hon! I also looove broccoli, for some weird reason.

    I'd also love to hear more about the new military life, if you feel like talking about it!