Monday, March 9, 2009

Come Away with Me...part dos

Hi all!
I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you with the second part of our adventure. With the impending move coming up (hopefully this weekend) things have been pretty crazy!!!

I am going to continue with a slightly move abbreviated version since I don't want to ramble on and I should have done this while all the details we fresh in my mind because now I have forgotten some :(

We had such an amazing time while at the Ritz! According to the locals (and they could clearly tell that we were not among them) it was rather cold for this time of year. However, coming from the wonderful NJ where sunny and warm weather is rare during March and well most of the year...we thought the weather felt wonderful and said so often :) It was sunny the whole time we were there and the temp ranged from high 60's to mid 70's...the sun though was very strong and made for perfect layout weather! Let me first explain that the hotel is located about 3.5 miles from the beach (basically over the bridge) but they have an amazing beach club that you get access too and shuttles or valet parking so you can head over there whenever you want. They also had a pool and hot tub at the hotel and let me tell was soo nice to be able to relax in the hot tub every night. Josh and I would usually go down for about 15 minutes in our spiffy ritz robes and slippers (provided in our rooms) and have a nice relaxing dip in the hot tub. we were always the only ones there, which we didn't mind but did wonder about, until we saw that the hot tub actually closed at 6pm (we were there around 8-9pm) ...oops...well no one ever said anything to us! We would then head back up to the room and order cookies and coffee from the room service .... can i say pampering oh yeah! it was the best feeling ever to be all warm and then enjoy cookies and coffee in bed :)

The first day that we arrived we headed over to the beach club to check it out and catch a glimpse of the amazing and famous sunsets experienced at the the club! I can't even put into words how excited i was to step onto the beach, feel the sand on my feet and the sun on my face, and smell the wonderful aroma of salt in the air! As we were looking around the amazing scenery we were taken aback by how lucky we were to be standing here admiring God's creation as we wrapped up our second year of marriage and embarked on our third year with the excitement of two mischievous children ready to explore the adventures ahead.
All of the staff at the beach club were at our beck and call to provide us with anything we wanted and show us around the establishment. We found a swanky place to eat on the island before we headed back to the hotel. This is where I discovered that as much as I enjoy the life of the rich and famous (well a least the rich) I am not as into the upscale dining environment where you have to pay exorbitant prices for minuscule portions. Anyways, one of my favorite parts of staying at the Ritz is the turn down service each night. As we enter the room soft music is playing and the bed is turned down with two yummy chocolates and water bottles that say Ritz Carlton on it. The first night we were greeted with an extra treat, in celebration of our anniversary the staff left a nice card signed by some and a small replica of the Ritz made out of chocolate (it was so cute)! That night I informed Josh for about the millionth time that since we only have one full day in this piece of heaven I was heading to the beach club armed with books, after breakfast in bed, on a mission to spend the whole day laying out and enjoying the sun and peaceful moments of reading bliss (it doesn't happen often)! It was so neat to escape from all the stresses of everyday life and be able to dive fully into God's word and a special book from my mom which had been long neglected. I left with such a feeling of refreshment and hope for what lies ahead. I really don't know why I have to wait to get away from life to fully let God into my head and life (I am still trying to work on having that as my daily mindset as opposed to letting my crazy self stress myself out all hours of the day and night)!

Now back to more vain aspects of my life :) When we arrived at the club for a full day of laziness and sun Josh headed out for a run and I set out to the quest to acquire the best spot to layout and soak up the sun. Once I locked eyes with the lounge chair that would become my tanning bed for the day I was immediately greeted by one of the attendants and I stood there shocked as he "set up my chair" by laying out the towels, including a head rest, and supplying me with a menu and glass of iced water. I have to admit that a life of pampering is really easy to get sucked into, with no objections from myself! We relaxed and enjoyed all the the club had to offer as well as each other's company for the rest of our wonderful stay!

It was such a wonderful trip and a great start to third year (well almost third year) of marriage. It was such a bitter sweet moment as we left...such a great memory yet I didn't want to admit that it was over yet and we had to leave this wonderful warm and inviting place. It did help that I was really tired and sore as we left, I let my husband talk me into running with him that morning..something I haven't done for almost a year and boy were my legs feeling it! I don't believe in running since it tends to bulk up my legs (don't argue .. it's true) and I informed my husband of that right after the run! i am perfectly content to stick with my workout dvds thank you!

We continued our trip back to the Reno rents for a nice relaxing visit and a couple stops to our absolute favorite restaurant (shout our to Coastal Flats and it's amazing white chocolate bread pudding that I could live on)!

We had such an amazing time ... i have to say that we are really enjoying having one set of parents so close. My mother-in-law has been such and encouragement to me these last few months. I feel that every time I start getting overwhelmed or discouraged with being an air force wife, her words and precious personal experiences that she shares with me are able to refresh and renew my love for my husband and the new life that we are forming together. I defiantly helps the whole home-sickness factor having them near by, although I do find that I miss my parents and family even more after we leave. I really believe that I am blessed with wonderful in-laws that have the same life convictions, loves and beliefs that I was blessed with growing up!

Thank you all for taking part in the enjoyment of our adventure and I hope I didn't ramble on too much!

PS we both believe that at one time in life every one needs to experience the Ritz warned though, once you do you will never want to go back!

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