Friday, October 7, 2011

Baby Update: Weeks 34-36

Sorry for such a long break in-between posts! I just have been lacking motivation to blog and comment on all your posts even though I have been reading them! Hopefully I will get a few key posts in (like the nursery reveal) before the Hudster comes. But for now enjoy the update :)

Week 35


Week 36


How far along? 36 weeks

Baby's size? We went to the doctor on Wednesday and he was measuring 6 pounds 4!  

Weight gain: Too much. I had a good break from gaining weight for about a month and now it has decided to pick up again. I am hoping it wont get too crazy before Hudson gets here. Right now I am up about 18-19 pounds overall.

 Maternity clothes? I am still wearing a mixture…mostly non-maternity shirts with maternity pants or pre-preg pants with the belly band. I am really looking forward to wearing “normal” clothes again.

Stretch marks? I still haven’t seen any pop up and I have been pretty good about putting lotion on my belly every morning.

Belly button in or out? It is still in but so close to popping out!

Sleep? Hudson is pushing on my gallbladder or something like that so now even at night it burns like no other which makes sleeping harder. I fall asleep pretty fast but usually get up a lot and sometimes will wake up at like 3 am and not be able to get back to sleep.

Foods I am loving? I am still craving sugar a lot and trying hard to fight it! I have been getting nauseous again so that has made eating harder.

Foods I am hating? Nothing really.

Best moment this week? Having my 3rd and final shower and getting to see Hudson.

Movement? All the time. He is getting really strong and now his kicks or movements really hurt. I feel like someone is giving me that Indian rug-burn thing on my tummy!

Symptoms? Pretty much the normal third trimester things. And the fact that some morning sickness has come! Just very uncomfortable.

Gender? Hudson (a boy)

What I miss? Laying/sleeping on my back. Diet coke and coffee (though I do have the occasional one). My old body. Running. Not feeling the need to sleep all the time. Enough said.

What I'm looking forward to? Hitting 37 weeks and being considered full term :)

Milestone: We have his room all set up and basically everything we need for him to be here :)

Emotions: We took our birthing class last weekend and I thought it would freak me out but it actually just made me more excited. It is weird but I am really curious as to how the whole labor thing is going to go. I know it will be painful but it like right before you run a marathon and you are ready and a little excited (or insane) to find out just how much it is going to hurt..I know i’m weird. Both the hubs and I are just so ready to meet our little guy :)


  1. Love the belly shots, your too cute.

  2. You're not weird. I was excited and felt the same way about labor, too. And after the fact, I'm glad I felt that way. It's how I survived.

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