Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Maui Recap Part 1

So I am finally getting my butt in gear and sharing our amazing babymoon with you all :)

Quick recap: the Hubs and I decided we wanted to go to Maui for the babymoon. We had thought about going later in my pregnancy but once we looked into prices and our schedules we decided to go the week before Easter.

Both the Hubs and I were supper excited. Neither or us had been to Maui before (I had been to Oahu twice) and we knew the place we were staying was going to be really nice. Also, this was our first long trip in one location together. Due to the Hubs leave situation and the fact that a lot of it is used up visiting family we usually do 3-4 day vacations. Maui however was a glorious 7 nights 8 days!

We left really early on a Sunday morning and I was nervous about the flight. It all went really well though and ended up not feeling supper long. Once we arrived in Maui we got our rental car and headed out.

Maui 031 Here’s the car we ended up getting which felt like of old people-ish to me but it ended up being really nice.

Since Costco is right by the airport we had to stop their first before heading to the resort. It was rather busy (probably because it was a sunday) but not horrible.

We made it to the resort with no problems and enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the way. We had rented a person’s time share week at the Westin Kanapali and it did not disappoint.

Maui 002 The view from our room.

Maui 003 The pool area.

The first day was rather long and by the time we got checked in and marveled at how lucky we were to get to stay here for the next week we also realized we hadn’t eaten in forever and were starving. Our next mission was to get food. We weren’t familiar with the area yet so we ended up at Melting Pot..I love that place so I was totally fine with that :)

Once we got back to the room we both crashed. The next morning (our first official day there) we ended up eating breakfast in the room and then heading to the pool for some nice layout and reading time. That was when I learned that in order to get shade we have to get out very early and reserve a spot. So after about 2 hours is the sun we were ready to explore the area and give our skin a break. We ended up walking about a half a mile down the beach to Dukes ( a very yummy restaurant) and had lunch. That was our first experience with Hula Pie, a Hawaii tradition, and it was yummy! It was like a mud pie with macadamia nut ice cream, Oreo crust and the most yummy hot fudge (my mouth is watering just typing this)! When we got our receipt for the meal it had a coupon for a free Hula Pie with our next purchase of 2 entrees (which ended up being really bad for my waist line because we literally had it probably 5-6 times and didn’t have to pay for it once). The funny thing was that the fist pie that we got our waitress forgot to charge us for it and when we told her she said not to worry about it so we didn’t have to pay for that either :)

The walk back from the restaurant was beautiful and we had our first walk on the beach. We also got so see some Whales..so neat. Here are some pictures of our wonderful walk:

Maui 006

Maui 008

Maui 009

Maui 010

Maui 011 I love climbing trees!

Maui 013 The water felt wonderful :)

Maui 014 The Hubs thought so too :)

After lunch we decided to head back to Costco because I forgot some things the day before. Instead of taking the route we did before we decided to take the more scenic route that would take a little bit longer. Come to find out this road has some beautiful views but was also very windy and at some parts turned into a single lane road with two way traffic. I was really glad the Hubs was driving!

We ended up finding a really nice pullout spot to get some good pictures and hike around.

Maui 015

Maui 018

Maui 017

Maui 023

Maui 025 Again my love for climbing came out as I got to climb so easy rocks..although I probably shouldn’t have worn flip-flops :)

Maui 028

As our adventure continued we came across a little green shack that claimed to have the best banana bread ever! Well I couldn’t let that statement pass so we stopped. We realized once we walked up that we only had 3 dollars in cash (it only took cash) but another nice couple gave us the other 3 dollars needed score our own loaf and it was warm :) We decided after some major taste-testing that it really was good banana bread.

Maui 076 Here’s the little shack.

We finally made it to Costco 2 hours later and took the shorter route back. We ended our night eating yummy pizza and watching the waves crash. I was in heaven and we still had 6 days left in this paradise.

I don’t want to make this too long so more to come..


  1. Oh, you're making me miss Hawaii! So beautiful, and it looks like a fun time! Looking forward to reading the rest.

  2. What a fun vacation! The beach is so gorgeous and all. The pies should pretty good. :)

  3. **oops sound pretty good! haha

  4. Oh that sounds wonderful!!!! Nice and relaxing! Those pies sound great!!! I am a big sweet eater.. which is a bad thing. So those sounds wonderful LOL!! I am glad that yall had a good time. Yall sounds like my husband and I with the scenic route, we love doing that!!

  5. Wow, that sounds great! How did you arrange the time share- through the hotel itself or through another way?

  6. OK, I just caught up on your blog (I've been slacking for over 2 months). I am so incredibly excited that you are expecting! OMG, congrats Ashley! So, so happy for you! Awesome!

  7. Yay for more Maui pictures! I really love how they all turned out. Your outfit is just too cute with your belly beginning to show at this point!